The Real Jan 6 Was The Friends We Made Along The Way

The American Sun

No one believes the United States Congress is “legitimate”. As a group they are universally despised. This is not a novel circumstance – there hasn’t been a day since 1800 or so when a double-digit percentage of the population didn’t prefer a double-digit percentage of Congress erected on the trees conveniently planted mere yards away on the National Mall (their congressman is of course wonderful for helping them out with their VA pension and so on). Their approval rating is lower than that of HIV.

This is for a good reason. Notoriously corrupt and ineffectual, their primary role is channeling the grift that a $6.6 trillion federal budget can provide (not counting the Federal Reserve’s formally unlimited resources, which lack even the pretense of political control, or “compliance” mandates enforced on a putatively private sector) and taking, all things considered, a modest commission for their services. Pelosi gets…

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